With a band like Japandroids, a duo who have a slew of singles dealing with the ails of young adulthood (“Young Hearts Spark Fire,” “The Boys Are Leaving Town,” etc) and a song titled, “Younger Us,” a little nostalgia does seem appropriate. But 2001 and Jimmy Eat World’s power pop, chart topper, Bleed American? Well, why not? Both critics and music fans continually evaluate and re-evaluate their collection, and there was a time that Bleed American was the best thing to hit alt-rock radio since Green Day’s Dookie. And like many numbers on Jimmy Eat World’s highpoint, the hooks here on “Younger Us,” are clean and crisp, the chorus is big, immediate, and memorable, and its sentiment is universal — Sh*t used to be so simple when we were younger. It’s a formula which has been used for ages and one which fits Japandroids well.

MP3: Japandroids – Younger Us

Japandroids’ Younger Us 7″ single will be out July 16th on Polyvinyl Records.  It’ll be pressed on clear vinyl and limited to 2500 copies.

Polyvinyl Records