Woven Bones
In and Out and Back Again
Hozac Records

Without ever seeing the movie Psycho Beach Party, Woven Bones’ debut album In and Out and Back Again, presents itself as the perfect soundtrack to an afternoon of bikini babes and beekcakes, casual drugs and acoustic guitars, blood, guts, and gore.  Had these songs been done in a different key with tighter tuning and done with a vocalist who didn’t sound half Johnny Rotten, half James Earl Jones, they’d shine like the summer sun.  As they stand, however, they’re menacing and pulsating, dirty, grungy, and grimy songs, and quite unlike the output of their psychedelic pop contemporaries who seem to think mimicking The Velvets, The Jesus and Mary Chain, or the Beach Boys is an end in itself.  Yet, as riveting as the Woven Bones sound is, they could really use a second song, one that doesn’t sound like the one which came before it — A psycho day in the park, or a psycho walk in the rain, or maybe, a psycho shower scene — Anything to break up the monotony, and they would be B-List kings.  7 out of 10 on The Rockometer.

MP3: Woven Bones – You Already Knew
MP3: Woven Bones – If It Feels Alright
VIDEO: Woven Bones – Your Way With My Life