With one mighty guitar riff, “Checkin’ Out My Baby,” puts to rest the memories of David Vanervelde’s  ill-advised foray into schlocky, soft-rock found on 2008’s Waiting for the Sunrise.  Taken from his forthcoming Summer Time Hits EP, this number is not the smooth and easy soundtrack to ease away your work day (Or a sappy song to request from Delilah, or your seventh layer of hell, as the case may be).  Rather, it’s big, bright and upbeat.  The main guitar riff is electric and thick, and is made to boogie, and Vandervelde, himself, has some serious swagger back in his voice. The melody, meanwhile, is one which owes its genesis both to the glam-rock scions of the ’70s and the new-wave wonders of the ’80s.  This combination, with its glitzy keys and six-stringed, hair-metal salutes near the chorus (Itself a silly, sing-along preceded by “La, la, la’s”) is, just as the album title implies, summer time, Rock ‘N’ Roll fun at its best.

MP3: David Vandervelde – Checkin’ Out My Baby

David Vandervelde’s Summer Time Hits 12″ EP will be out August 3rd on Secretly Canadian Records.

David Vandervelde on Secretly Canadian Records