While it’s true, one track does not an album make, with the release of “Bad Vibrations,” The Black Angels appear to have emerged from the thick haze of 2008’s Directions to See a Ghost with a new found sense of focus.  Perhaps, it comes from working with producer, Dave Sardy, a man who has worked with Oasis, Wolfmother, and Black Mountain in the part.  Or, perhaps, they’ve cut their psychedelic in-take, and have instead opted for an all-organic, vegan diet.  Regardless, “Bad Vibrations,” is concise compared to the long-form drones found on their previous record.  Not only that, but once you get through the band’s trademark, swirling drone during the first half of the track, a surprise awaits — An honest-to-goodness, rock the f*ck out moment, one with guitars set to blaze and the tempo set to get the freak outta here.  These are some bad (a**) vibrations, indeed.

MP3: The Black Angels – Bad Vibrations

The Black Angels’ third album, Phosphene Dream, will be released September 14th on the recently re-launched Blue Horizon Records

The Black Angels