Whether it’s pop music’s infatuation with auto-tune or the Pitchfork set’s infatuation with lo-fi recording, what passes for creativity these days is nothing more than taking something old and produce it like it’s something new.  Coin Under Tongue’s thick, piercing, and varied sonic attack, would be the exception to that rule.  This is a band with an encyclopedic knowledge of rock – From new wave to noise and metal, and a band with an impressive array gear — Coin Under Tongue’s latest was recorded at Death by Audio Studios and produced by a man who knows a thing or two about righteous noise, Oliver Ackermann, of A Place to Bury Strangers.  Consequently, a track like “Dogma Sheen,” the first preview taken from their album, Reception, not only covers a lot of ground (Moody keyboard melodies ripped from England’s new wave, squelching feedback from the New York art-rock scene, and blustery riffs of the guitar gods), but also shakes that f*cking ground at its core.

MP3: Coin Under Tongue – Dogma Sheen

Coin Under Tongue’s Reception will be available via Death by Audio Records on August 24th.

Death by Audio Records