The guitar playing of Superchunk’s Mac McCaughan may not evoke the size and sheer loudness of Dinosaur, Jr’s J Mascis, and few would claim he was inventive as Yo La Tengo’s, Ira Kaplan, but McCaughan’s contribution to the ’90s indie-rock sound is just as important.  His early sound, a rapid, bloody-fingered screech played at high octaves and heart-racing anxiety, would go on to be a staple for both Superchunk and many bands who followed.

Now older, and  presumably a little more grounded,  McCaughan and Superchunk return with “Digging for Something,” the second single from Majesty Shredding, the band’s first full length since 2001.  And while it’s not the jittery, mucho grande latte with a double-espresso on the side, power pop sound of their earlier days, that signature sound can still be found in smaller screeches throughout the song, and imagined, if you play it at a faster tempo.  Until, of course, McCaughan does some proper shredding near the song’s end, mangling (In a good way) what was to be an elegant exit, and reminding us of his place in not only indie rock’s past, but its present, as well.

MP3: Superchunk – Digging for Something

Now for the news: The limited edition “Digging for Something” is available now from Merge Records, with the full length, Majesty Shredding, due out September 14th, also on Merge Records.  Additionally, two of Superchunk’s classic albums — On the Mouth, and No Pocky for Kitty,

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