Bravo, to the English band Betty and the Werewolves for making indie pop fun again.  To think, all it took was a rebirth of that classic, British sound with endearingly, close to being on-key vocals, sharp guitar sounds and a rhythm section that can actually play.  One can’t underestimate that last part, and that upbeat bounce of a rhythm laid down by the Werewolves, for domestic indie pop has been stuck in this rut for years where talent has been replaced with friends and their instruments.

Oh, and it took lots of smiles, too.  Having the time of your life, as they band are here in the video for “Paper Thin,”  while shopping for books, or writing letters in the park, or romping about with your friends certainly helps put a positive spin on things.  One might go so far as to call it cheery.  Yes, cheery.

VIDEO: Betty and the Werewolves – Paper Thin

Betty and the Werewolves on Damaged Goods Records