Beginning with his much-loved lo-fi days in Guided by Voices, and on through countless, much cleaner sounding side projects and solo projects, Boston Spaceships’ Robert Pollard has always been an adherent to the Four P’s of Rock ‘N’ Roll – Pop, Punk Rock, Psychedelic Rock and Progressive Rock.  With Boston Spaceships, however, the Four P’s are often scaled back to include only punk and pop.  Perhaps, this explains why Boston Spaceships records have been the source of Pollard’s most consistently satisfying, post-GBV output to date, with songs like “C’mon Baby Grace,” from the forthcoming Our Clubhouse Still Rocks, taking all of thirty seconds to make the trip from your headphones to your heart.

MP3: Boston Spaceships – Come on Baby Grace

Our Clubhouse Still Rocks by Boston Spaceships will be due out September 7th via GBV Records.

Boston Spaceships