I can’t take credit for this one, but the running joke during Black Mountain’s recent appearance at the Beachland Ballroom was that they are such the longhairs, should you even manage to shave their heads, the high and tight look would last for but a minute before their shaggy locks would re-grow¬† to their previous length. They are that indebted to the style, the sound, and, um, the hair of heavy riff-rockers from days gone by.

So, it’s kinda fitting, and funny for those of us in on the joke, that the Vancouver band would include a track called “The Hair Song,” on their third album, Wilderness Heart. Also fitting, is that the band would channel Led Zeppelin, a band featuring some mighty fine hair, on “The Hair Song.” The guitar and bass in particular have that signature Zeppelin sound, like the one in “Kashmir,” except not quite dramatic, in this case, and worked well within the framework of a folksy, foot stomping duet between Black Mountain’s two leads — Stephen McBean and Amber Weber.

MP3: Black Mountain – The Hair Song

Black Moutain’s third album, Wilderness Heart, will be out September 14th on Jagjaguwar Records.

Black Mountain on Jagjaguwar Records