American garage rock and little Russian ballerinas are far from what one may consider a natural pairing.  Ty Segall and director Ada Bligaard Soby, however, beg to differ.  In this video for “Finger,” the lead track on Segall’s latest record, Melted, the combination seems a natural as peanut butter and jelly, or peanut butter and chocolate, or peanut butter right out of the jar with your fingers while no one else is watching.

As Segall opens “Finger” with a few raggedly struck chords and a light, brittle voice, the tiny dancers peacefully sway and look about as cheerless as one would imagine a little Russian ballerina to look during the mid of winter.  Then, with “Finger” picking up in strength and the guitars becoming more and more bruising and Segall’s voice becoming more and more menacing, the dancers still look as cheerless as one would expect a Russian ballerina to look in the mid of winter, but now, at least they’re dancing their little dances, and doing so right in tune with his lead.  It’s as if garage rock and ballet, in a strange really not meant for each other kind of way, really were meant for each other, at least for this day.

VIDEO: Ty Segall – Finger

Ty Segall will be in Cleveland this Monday for a show at Now That’s Class.  Attendance is recommended.  Performing courus, fondus, and sissonnes while you’re at the show isn’t recommended.  Those Russian gals are experienced dancers.

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