Sex Church’s debut record, Six Songs by Sex Church features some good, scuzzy psychedelic rock, littered with grit and obscured by reverb, with the right amount of danger and more than a bit of spit.  It wouldn’t sound out of place on Chicago’s unstoppable Hozac Records, and in fact, they were recently featured in the label’s latest round of Hookup Club Singles.  Side one, track one, “Old Enough,” especially, has a similar psycho-beach vibe as another Hozac Band, Woven Bones.  Yet, the further you dig into this song, and the further you dig into Six Songs, the more you realize this Vancouver band has more going for it than sound and style.  Structurally, dynamically, and um, rockingly, these guys have it going on.

MP3: Sex Church – Old Enough

Sex Church

Six Songs by Sex Church is out now on Colvusive Records.  If you’re lucky there still may be a copy over at My Mind’s Eye (I bought one of the two they had stock.  If not, there’s always the internet.

Photo courtesy of Sex Church.