After a well thought out, albeit very long, post on last week, many in the music media took Ted Leo at his word. Today would be the first day of a new chapter in Ted Leo’s career. He would put those years and years on the road behind him and begin a new career in musical theater.

There was no reason to doubt his sincerity. Leo’s as sincere as they come. He sings about his worldly travels, and what it’s like to be an outsider in another man’s land. He sings about perceived injustices and crimes committed in the name of freedom. Look at the man. He even looks deadly sincere.

Nor, was there was no reason to doubt his success in this new endeavor, either. Admit it. You thought to yourself, hmm…If there’s any man alive who could make a musical about the Banana Wars in Guatemala, and not make it suck, it was Ted Leo. Except, the long missive, the new calling in life, the paradigm shift, as Leo called, was all a send up. It was a long, brilliant send up to promote his new video for “Bottled Up in Cork,” which premiered on Funny or Die this morning. Well played, Ted.

VIDEO: Ted Leo and The Pharmacists – Bottled Up in Cork

Ted Leo