Without giving away too much of what I have to say about Herzog’s debut LP, Search (There is a record review on the way), I can tell you that this one is going to be big in Cleveland.  Hell, it may even be big in New York, Chicago, and LA.  This isn’t a stretch.  Herzog already has influential fans in the UK, and the nature of modern music press, where no one wants to be left behind when there’s a next big thing to find, means more praise is likely on its way.

When you listen to “Living Alone,” or  “Paul Blart and the Death of Art,” the first single by Nick Tolar and band, it’s easy to hear why.  Tolar takes slacker rock, and its can’t be bothered to make this sound good attitude, and complements it with the songwriting and musicianship he’s honed during his time in the Dreadful Yawns and Expecting Rain.  Consequently, Herzog has both the charm of those beloved pranksters from the early ’90s, and the type of professionalism, craft, and care needed to have a hit.  It’s a winning mix.

MP3: Herzog – Living Alone

Once again, Herzog’s record release show will take place  Friday, September 10th at the Happy Dog with Megachurch and Wombs opening.