With so many possible choices and so many possible directions crammed into four minutes, “Hey Little Girl,” by Idle Times could be just about anything. Some listeners may hear the screech and squalor percolating in the background, a noise which sounds as if it is coming out of a blown amp plugged into a dodgy socket, and make a connection to the early ’90s art-rock of Sonic Youth. Some may latch onto the monotone guitar lead and want to make a connection to the Velvets. Some may hear the simple vocal melody and be reminded of the pioneering lo-fi work of Guided by Voices. Others still, may be able to filter out all other distractions and hear the pyschedelic rock jam which serves as the glue holding it all together. While there is no wrong interpretation, there is, however, a wrong choice, and that would be to ignore whatever it is Idle Times is doing.

MP3: Idle Times – Hey Little Girl

Idle Times’ self-titled debut record will drop this Fall on Hozac Records.