For those of you like me who enjoy their electronic music with some bite and free of chill-wave, dark-wave, or whatever wave is being hyped by Pitchfork these days, there’s “Bombay,” the new track from French experimental artist, Turzi.  As its title may imply, there are some serene, meditative movements to be found, but they’re buried underneath a relentless rhythm section, pounding out the one, two, three, fours, and similarly rapid-fire guitar riffs.  The peace of this “Bombay,” is quickly overtaken by that pressure and ferocity, making it apparent that its inspiration comes not only from its geographic setting within modern day India, but also from the 2008 terror attack which transpired within the city now known as Mumbai.

MP3: Turzi – Bombay

Turzi’s latest album, the singularly titled B, will be out September 24th on Record Makers.