Better than a new Soundgarden song, “Black Rain,” is an outtake from the Seattle band’s Badmotorfinger sessions set to be included on the band’s forthcoming greatest hits package.  As such, you get the full Soundgarden in this one– the fierce and grungy low-end, brutal guitar riffs sharing space with more nimbly picked melodies, and vocalist Chris Cornell hitting notes no man with balls should be able to hit.  Hardly a toss-off,  “Black Rain” could have been slotted between “Jesus Christ Pose,” and “Face Pollution” during Badmotorfinger’s initial release without sacrificing any of the album’s power.  And speaking of power, the video embedded above, was directed by Brendon Small of Metalocalypse fame, and man who knows a thing or two about metal and being brutal.  Simply put, it’s a pairing made in Heaven, or Hell, or Valhalla, or Mordhaus, or wherever it is men of metal make their important decisions.

VIDEO: Soundgarden – Black Rain (via AOL’s Spinner)