Detroit’s Tyvek have made quite the noise themselves in the underground, first through a series of scarce 7″ singles and EP’s, and later with a full length on Siltbreeze Records. Of course, with Tyvek, noise is the operative word. Their best work, like “4312” from the forthcoming, Nothing Fits, is a veritable chop shop of Motor City Rock and lo-fi pop, as guitars flail, voices wail, and the rhythm section dares the band to double-time it on the ones and twos. And yet, despite this seemingly unstable base, it all comes together nicely in a flurry of slurred “Woo-ooohs” and a chorus spat in the spirit of late nights, dirty bars, and watery domestics.

MP3: Tyvek – 4312

Tyvek’s Nothing Fits will be out November 9th in In the Red Records.