Wonderfully, low budget in a Godzilla vs Mothra, Godzilla vs The Smog Monster, or Godzilla on Monster Island kind of way, Torche’s video for “U.F.O.” eschews any attempt at realism on a tight budget, and instead goes for humorously fake. The monster in the video isn’t as much of a monster as it is an inflatable sumo costume with a few strategic snips. Its nemesis, the robot, isn’t much of a robot, either. Yet, they battle, in epic metropolis flattening fashion, to the tune Torche’s signature blend of high-energy, melodic metal.

VIDEO: Torche – U.F.O

Torche on Hydrahead Records

Joining Torche for today’s double feature are the Southern, psychedelic metal band, Kylesa and their video for “Tired Climb,” the lead track on their soon to be released, fifth album, Spiral Shadow. Melding mysticism and technology, the video provides an ideal complement to their ear-bending sound, a combination of moody, almost fanciful, instrumental passages and intense, longhair-whipping-on-the-stage, shredding.

VIDEO – Kylesa – Tired Climb via Stereogum
MP3: Kylesa – Tired Climb

Kylesa on Season of Mist Records

Torche and Kylesa will both be in town this Friday, October 15th for a date at the Grog Shop with High on Fire. For fans of the heavy stuff, triple bills don’t get much better than this.