The New Lou Reeds’ video for “Headed for a Felony,” is a lot like the Michael Stanley Band’s classic clip, “My Town,” except there’s more booze and guns and drugs and a lot less hair and a lot less suck coming from the speakers during this particular tour of Cleveland’s west side.  Really, the only commonalities here are that they were both filmed in Cleveland and both lead singers are driving cars, but some times the intros just don’t come together, you know.  So, you go with the tried and true — Trashing MSB.

Now, about the New Lou Reeds.  “Headed for a Felony,” comes from Hit Songs, the band’s first long player since 2006’s Top Billin’, and like its predecessor, features mad rants from lead-squealer Stephe DK pushed up against punked-up and junked-up blues riffs.  The track choogles, in that grand, ramble-tamble tradition of CCR, and it’s gruff and tough, like the Cleveland punk underground.  It’s an uncommon combination deserving both a better fate than a felony and a better lede than MSB.

VIDEO: The New Lou Reeds – Headed for a Felony
MP3: The New Lou Reeds – Headed for a Felony

The New Lou Reeds’ latest LP, Hit Songs, is available now through Exit Stencil Records. The band’s release show will be taking place on Saturday, October 23rd at The Happy Dog.