Surf City’s ’08 debut EP was too good and too short for a two year wait between releases.  Think about it.  How many made up genres have come and gone passe in that time?  Even the sh*t that’s top of the pops of the moment — Glo house and witch wave, or is it glo-wave and witch house, or is it glo-fi and witch tech — will be forgotten in year’s time, and everyone will be on to the next big things — Zombie-tech, space wave and helium-fi.   Thankfully, this New Zealand band’s modern take on Kiwi-pop, complete with earnest melodies and ragged guitar chords, does not go out of style.  And, with an abundance of woos with which you can sing along to, it may not leave your head for a while, either.

MP3: Surf City – Kudos

Surf City’s latest full length, also titled Kudos, will be released November 30th on Fire Records