If you listened to Disappears 2010, debut full length, Lux, you already know this is a band who has a sound and sticks to it. They play repetitive, krautrock influenced, garage rock and turn up the reverb on their reverb, send echo through more echo, and lace their distortion with more distortion. The songs, like “Superstition,” from a forthcoming release, would seem to be secondary, except they play these songs with such a conviction that they become impossible to ignore. You know the wah-wah is on its way. You know the sounds will bounce from left to right and back again. Yet, the result is fierce, not predictable. Instead of coming off like strict constructionists in their trade, indebted to their influences, and in love with their gear, they exude a freedom from genre and a blissful ignorance of convention which more bands would be wise to follow.

MP3: Disappears – Superstition

Guider, Disappears’ second release for Kranky Records, will be out on January 18th. In related news, the Chicago band have recently picked themselves up a new drummer. His name is Steve Shelley. You may have heard of him before.