As much as creativity and ingenuity are integral to moving the music scene forward, there’s still something to be said about doing something old and doing it well. Take Memoryhouse’s “Heirloom,” for example. It’s a near perfect replication of late ’80s/early ’90s UK dream pop, with a slow, simmering tempo, fluid guitar lines, and female vocals cloaked in ghostly tones. Even the video, with its blurred images, evokes classic late night videos from MTV’s 120 Minutes. If only there was a brief intro by Dave Kendall or Lewis Largent, and maybe some mention of a new Stone Roses record which has been delayed or ditched, then the ’90s flashback would be complete.

VIDEO: Memoryhouse – Heirloom

Memoryhouse’s “Heirloom is available now as the b-side to the “Caregiver” single out now on Suicide Squeeze Records. You can expect a full length release from the band during the early months of ’11.