“Rubber,” the latest single by the trans-continental indie rock band, Yuck, is an album closer in the tradition of American underground stalwarts, Yo La Tengo. The tempo is carefully measured and its arrangement is both patient and simple. There’s a clean guitar melody, but it lurks behind an omnipresent field of static. The vocals meanwhile, are delivered in extended, slightly off-note tones, and occasionally expand with slacked, boy-girl harmonies. Granted, there isn’t one shining moment during its seven-plus minutes — There are no bursts of brilliant melody, and no overwhelming shredding frenzies. There’s just a fade out and a feeling, call it a gut feeling, that when “Rubber” ends, one will want to flip the record back over to side one and track one, much like one does with those classic Yo La Tengo records.

MP3: Yuck – Rubber
VIDEO: Yuck – Rubber

Yuck’s self-titled, debut record will be released February 15th on Fat Possum.