Did you miss either of Party of Helicopters recent shows in Cleveland and Akron? Don’t worry. There may be more from the Kent, heavy groove machine on the way. I’m hearing that the occasional reunions have gone so well, that Jamie Stillman and band are back at work, finishing the album they had planned to release as a follow up to 2003’s Please Believe It. Sure, it’s years overdue, and in the span since the band first broke up, Queens of the Stone Age used a similar formula of relentless rock grooves to become A-listers. And, I don’t care that upon Please Believe It’s initial release, Pitchork compared it to French toast and sausage slathered in syrup, in a bad way. This is a band who broke up too soon, and for those like me, who were active in the NEO rock scene in the early part of the 2000s, this is a big deal.  Ask a thirty-something which band was slaying the scene in the early Aughties?  It was Party of Helicopters.  We wanted more, and now, we may soon get our second helping.

VIDEO: Party of Helicopters – The Toucher