The Portland instrumental rock outfit, Grials, have always maintained a spiritual element within their recordings. Sometimes that spirituality is deep and meditative. Other times, it’s bright and transcendental. On their Black Tar Prophecies releases, especially, they delve into twisted and dark, almost Satanic realms. Now, while “I Led Three Lives,” isn’t officially part of the Black Tar Prophecies, the tone is consistent with those more ominous releases — The strings weep, the electronics curdle, and the pace is creepily measured. Even when that thick, black veil is pushed aside with gnashing guitars, fighting the fight for the good guys, it’s only a temporary setback. The forces of evil were always going to win this particular nine-minute battle.

MP3: Grails – I Led Three Lives

Grails’ Deep Politics will be available March 8th on Temporary Residence Records.