No, Peter, Bjorn and John’s “Breaker Breaker” is not an ode to the 1977 Chuck Norris trucker movie of the same name. And, no, “Breaker Breaker” will not make people forget that this is the very same Swedish band who were responsible for one of the past decade’s best pop moments in “Young Folks.”
That is the bigger shame — Peter, Bjorn and John are too talented to be one hit wonders, especially in an era when one hit won’t get you much. Don’t get me wrong, a song about an obscure trucker movie would be sweet, but even sweeter would be PB&J recapturing some of their old magic. 90 seconds of punk-pop isn’t going to do it.

VIDEO: Peter, Bjorn, and John – Breaker Breaker

Gimme Some by Peter, Bjorn and John will be released March 29th on Star Time International.