Esben and the Witch have so many killer influences. Listen to the single, “Warpath,” and one can make out the gothic pop of the Cure or Siouxsie and the Banshees. There’s also more than a hint of the complex and atmospheric music of the Cocteau Twins. Yes, this young Brighton band has done their homework. They know how to cut a guitar line through the haze; They know how to give their vocals the oh-so in vogue, extra echo treatment; They write patient, thoughtful and compelling songs; And, importantly, they do it all with a careful, modern touch, proving once again, that having a great record collection does not make one a great musician, but having the right references can be the difference between pedestrian and powerful. This is powerful stuff.

VIDEO: Esben and the Witch – Warpath

MP3: Esben and the Witch – Warpath

Violet Cries by Esben and the Witch will be out February 8th on Matador Records here in the states and one week earlier over in the UK. Also, the band will be in Northeast, Ohio for show at Akron’s Musica March 9th.