There’s some South in the Rock ‘N’ Roll of Pujol on “Black Rabbit.”  You can hear it in Daniel Pujol’s snotty and gnarled vocals — The ones which carry a hint of the country punk of Eddie Spaghetti and The Supersuckers, and the ones which carry a similar don’t give a god damn attitude.  You can see the South in the backwoods and pick-up trucks of the video, a setting reminiscent of an old Archers of Loaf video.  The setting also happens to be Pujol’s hometown in Tennessee.  Of course, none of these things would matter if  “Black Rabbit” didn’t kick.  And it does.  This urgent, dirty-punk number cranks like a big, ole American, gas guzzlin engine, and that baby is set to full throttle.  The guitars and drums teeter on an uneasy balance as each tries to outpace the other.  Pujol lays down a series of thick and pointed chords while the drummer, well, he just tries to keep up.  It ain’t complicated, and it ain’t breaking new ground, but when the band makes a late break for a ’70s Southern Rock guitar solo, it just sounds right.

VIDEO: Pujol – Black Rabbit

Pujol’s “Black Rabbit” 7″ is out now on Third Man Records.  The band will be in Cleveland for a show at the Beachland Tavern on Tuesday, February 8th.  This show was originally set to be headlined by Monotonix, but they’ve called it quits mid-tour.