The revival of ’90s alt-rock has been steadily bubbling under the surface for the past two-to-three years. What the movement has been lacking, however, is that signature band to bring the sounds of distorted guitars and the style of Doc Martens, floppy hair and flannel back to the forefront of the underground. That band could be Yuck. On the video for “Holing Out,” this transcontinental outfit hailing from England, Japan, and the States, goes all in with big guitar and big noise power pop. In fact, the resemblance between Yuck’s latest, and the songs on Smeared, an underappreciated album released by the Canadian power pop band, Sloan, is very striking. Like the best of Sloan’s early work, the giant guitar crunch may be thing which initially draws you in, but once you mentally strip the song of its distortion, you find a number whose pops are so smart, it could work in any manner of arrangements. The noise just makes it better.

VIDEO: Yuck – Holing Out

Maybe I should have mentioned this sooner, but there some full-frontal in the above video and a good 5-10 seconds of bare breasts. Just sayin’ in case you’re bothered by such things. Now, with that out of the way, I do want to note that Yuck’s self-titled release will be out February 15th on Fat Possum Records.