There’s two things I want from a Foo Fighters track — good times and lotsa rockin’ out. Their new single, “White Limo,” has loads of both. This hard chargin’ track has one of the heaviest riffs the Foos have laid down in quite some time and its inspiration, the punk-metal hybrid pioneered by Motorhead, just happens to take a starring role in the video. Yes, that’s Lemmy in the limo carting a bunch of boozing Foos around town. Dave Grohl is having such a blast in this ’80s send-up that his exuberance rivals that of noted party-starter Andrew W.K. I half expected him to end the clip with a bloody nose and broken neck from all that head-banging. Instead, Lemmy takes them right over a cliff. That works, too.

VIDEO: Foo Fighters – White Limo

The Foo’s seventh studio album, Wasting Light, will be out April 12th on Roswell/RCA Records.