While “Rest” may be tame by Parts and Labor standards, (Those massive banks of electronics are largely relegated to the periphery here as this one is carried by bass guitar and drums) it still shows what this Brooklyn trio does best.  Namely, their ability to marry the foreign sounds of haywire devices within the familiar structure of American punk rock.  It’s no small feat to make a marching, call to arms sound contemporary and “Rest,” does just that.  When the chorus comes, it rises to a crescendo, much as you’d expect.  However, it’s a crescendo built on the buzzes, swirls, and bleeps of god knows what plugged into god knows what.

MP3: Parts and Labor – Rest

Parts and Labor’s latest will be out March 8th on Jagjaguwar Records.  The band will be in town on Saturday, April 16th for a show at the Beacland Tavern with Cloud Nothings and Child Bite.