What does it mean when people say the Strokes single, “Under Cover of Darkness” sounds Strokes-y? The crisp drum beat sure has that vintage Strokes feel, as does the underlying, too-cool-for-school vibe. The guitars alternate between choppy, ’70s NYC punk and English glam rock, and that would have to be labeled Strokes-y, too. However, once we get to the bridge, guitarist Albert Hammond unleashes his biggest riff, a stinging series of elongated notes which, truth be told, are much more Hollywood than Lower East Side. Vocalist, Julian Casablancas seems much more engaged, too. His voice arches, often coming close to the breaking point. Casablancas has always been good for a shout, a scream, or a wail, but heart on a sleeve is not something we’ve often heard from him. As the video progresses, and the band-mates, sporting their finest evening wear, all make their way to the music hall stage, another hint emerges: After a hiatus which saw The Strokes all go their different ways, the boys are back and they all seem comfortable in their own skin. There are no ratty t-shirts and tight jeans here. The Strokes are embracing their a-list status and have the massive single to match.

VIDEO: The Strokes – Under Cover of Darkness

Angles, the fourth album by The Strokes, will be out March 22nd on RCA Records.