In one song, in one video, this clip for “Creatures of War” by the K-Holes, this is why I follow everything Chicago’s Hozac Records releases. Admittedly, I know little about this band, the K-Holes. The press release says the band is from New York and its members also play in Golden Triangle, Bezoar, Georgiana Starlington. That’s cool. It doesn’t help me much, and it probably won’t help you much, either, but that’s cool. What does matter is this scourge of a song — All low, rumbling, scuzzy, heavy and demented, creeping at a ominous pace, laying waste to everything around it. It’s the sound of fear and the sound of uncontrolled aggression. It’s zombie apocalypse, alien invasion, mega shark and giant octupus. It’s a nightmare of an attack on unsuspecting ears and it’s, well, awesome.

MP3: K-Holes – Creatures of War
VIDEO: K-Holes – Creatures of War