Don’t let the term “Black Metal” scare you.  And, for that matter, don’t let that upside-down cross on the album cover, scare you, either.  There’s a right-side-up cross right next to it, so any badness caused by upside-down one is counteracted by the goodness of the right-side-up one, making it image-neutral in the epic battle battle between god and demon.  It’s called balance, a concept the Brooklyn band, Liturgy, also employ in their music.  Yes, their guitars are set to 120 riffs-a-minute on this single, “High Gold.”  Yes, there’s shredded-throat shouting.  Now, take a step back.  A triumphant and  ecstatic melody emerges from those relentless riffs.  Who knew black metal could do that?

MP3: Liturgy – High Gold

Aesthethica, Liturgy’s second full length for Thrill Jockey Records, will be out on May 10th.  You can catch the band live, this Thursday, March 24th, at the Beachland Tavern with label-mates White Hills.