The fact that TV on the Radio have not yet achieved the type of world domination that their never-ending stream of critically acclaimed albums should indicate is not an indictment of the collected talent of this genre-busting band. If anything, TV on The Radio may be too good, inadvertently erecting walls of complexity between themselves and their music by doing nothing more than following their muse. This is not saying simpler, readily-identifiable music trumps music that takes time to consume and appreciate. Nor, is this a re-hash of the popist vs rockist vs obscurist debates. Rather, when TV on the Radio decide to do full on rock, like they did on 2006’s “Wolf Like Me,” they can out-rock any band in Brooklyn. Similarly, here on “Will Do,” from the forthcoming, Nine Types of Light, the band leave out the misdirections and diversions while working within a different genre — It’s thick beats, muted electronics, a big fat bass line for your bottom end, and a delicate, heartfelt melody. It’s soul, and when TV on the Radio want to do soul, it’s like none other.

MP3: TV on the Radio – Will Do (via Epitonic)

VIDEO: TV on the Radio – Will Do

TV on the Radio’s Nine Types of Light will be released April 12th on Interscope Records.