Like Hozac Records label-mates, Wizzard Sleeve, the K-Holes can be placed somewhere in the punk-psych-garage rock spectrum, as long as that spectrum is covered is scuzz, scum, and gunk. Or, one could take a cue from the title of this video, “The Gutter,” as the K-Holes do indeed spend a good amount of their time wandering the fringes, finding the extraordinary in places normal folk don’t tread. The visuals only add to what your ears already tell you — The unsteady beat, sense of dread, howling vocals, and cracking guitars all point to a life led in the big city’s crust, and, not surprisingly, The K-Holes are all right with that.

VIDEO: K-Holes – The Gutter

The K-Holes’ self-titled, debut record is out now on Hozac Records