With Wooden Shjips, guitarist Ripley Johnson plays a big role in shaping the bay area band’s extended, krautrock infused jams into the outer mind. Here, as part of Moon Duo, however, one can find songs which resemble, well, songs in the most traditional sense of the word. While “When You Cut,” does have some of Wooden Shjips repetitious haze and some of their blaze (Johnson can’t help but shred), it also has discernible vocals and an audible narrative. Add in some hand-claps and some clean, cutting keys and it’s almost, sorta pop.

MP3: Moon Duo – When You Cut

For more on Moon Duo, you can check out the album stream and artist commentary over on Self-Titled Mag, or check out the video for “Mazes” over at Pitchfork TV. The album is out now on Sacred Bones Records.