In 2009, the LA band, Spindrift re-released the soundtrack to The Legend of God’s Gun, a movie written by lead-singer Kirpatrick Thomas, inspired by his admiration of director Sergio Leone’s Spaghetti Westerns and the scores of Ennio Morricone. While the film itself wasn’t much to speak of, the soundtrack was a wondrous suite of music which updated the work of Morricone with American styled psychedelic rock.

Fast forward two years, and Thomas is back with a reconfigured band and a new album which further explores the intersection of music and cinema. Of the three videos embedded below, the first, “When I Was Free,” directed by Rob Bray, is an instrumental much in the vein of the sounds heard on The Legend’s of God’s Gun — A little classic country, and a big heaping helping old-west. The middle video, “Shadytown,” featuring found footage from director JX Wiliams, is the curveball of the bunch. Here, Spindrift trade the familiar for a loungey viebe, something closer in spirit to a classic James Bond theme song. Lastly, there’s “Theme From Confusion Range,” a third variation on the movie soundtrack theme. This one, while showing hints of the west, is more aligned in spirit to modern psychedelic rock.

VIDEO: Spindrift – When I Was Free

VIDEO: Spindrift – Shadytown (Theme from Hollywood Play-Girls)

VIDEO: Spindrift – Theme from Confusion Range

Spindrift’s Classic Soundtracks will be released May 10th on Xemu Records. The band plan on releasing videos for all remaining tracks on the album, too. Stay tuned.