Did you know we’re in the middle of the second great garage rock explosion of the century? Pitchfork recently published a feature on the artists making the most noise in the San Francisco garage rock scene, and MTV’s Hive was quick to follow with their own garage rock profile piece. Neither, however, mentioned the Bay Area’s Wax Idols. Featuring members who were, and still are, in bands like Bare Wires, Hunx and His Punx, Sic Alps, and The Splinters, this outfit cranks out rambunctious jams which have significantly more spirit than many of the other female fronted garage rock acts getting press these days. “All Too Human” is sweaty, not sweet. It’s got groove and attitude where others are content to simmer in the sound. Guitars blare, the words are shouted, and the beat makes sure your feet can’t stay still. In other words, “All Too Human,” would have been a jam in 2001, in the ’60s, or the ’70s. Garage rock this good doesn’t go out of style.

VIDEO: Wax Idols – All Too Human

Wax Idols’ “All To Human Single” is available now on Hozac Records.