Austin’s Black Angels recently stopped by MTV for a live Hive session where they played three songs from their most recent LP, Phosphene Nightmare, and this cut, “My Boat is Sinking,” from the limited edition, Record Store Day EP, Phosgene Nightmare. It’s a track that lends itself well to the intimacy of a small studio space, as an easy drone, quiet guitars and a light tom beat are vocalist Alex Maas’s only accompaniment. The simplicity in this setting is striking, as is the contrast between this slight ballad and the band’s big rock sound back catalog. If you can find a copy of Phosgene Nightmare for a reasonable price, by all means pick it up, for also included on the EP is a studio version of “Ronnette’s,” a track that’s been a live staple for the band since their earliest days.

VIDEO: The Black Angels – My Boat is Sinking (Live for MTV Hive)

Be sure to check out the full, four song live set with on MTV’s Hive. There you’ll also find live performances of “Haunting at 1300 McKinley,” “Entrance Song,” and “Bad Vibrations.”