“Milkman” has the unenviable task of following EMA’s last single, the insane/incredible/intense/unpack and add-your-own-amazing-adjective  “California.” And while it’s not likely to supplant it as the highlight of the forthcoming release, Past-Life Martyred Saints, it should erase any doubt that us critics have been talking out of our asses when it comes to building excitement over this release.   Here, Erika Anderson frames her wild narratives within a more traditional structure (There are distinct verses and a chorus), yet none of the wonder associated with her work in Gowns or now with EMA is lost.  The secret is in the details — Beats that have been flattened and twisted, her voice has been similarly twisted, and seductive keyboard and guitar melodies slyly move their way through the mix, all of which make “Milkman,” another impressive cut on what is truly an impressive album.

MP3: EMA – Milkman

Past-Life Martyred Saints by EMA will be out next Tuesday, May 10th on Soutterain Transmissions.