It’s hard to get a real appreciation of the work of Richard Buckner when you encounter him as an opening act (For a band like Sebadoh) at a venue (Like the Grog Shop), when those in attendance are more interested in chit-chat and beers than what’s going down on the stage. Here, removed from the talkers, and alone with his latest track, “Traitor,” one can take in that deep, rich voice and the care he puts into his arrangements of multi-layered guitars, keys, pedal-steel, and drums. Subtle melodies weave in and out of the mix and small details, like spark of feedback, only reluctantly emerge when this track is given its proper time. Folk music rarely requires so much attention of the listener, but for Buckner’s music, it’s not only key, but also the one thing that makes him stand out amongst the bearded crowd.

MP3: Richard Buckner – Traitor

Richard Buckner’s Our Blood will be out August 2nd on Merge Records.