Obnox is Lamont “Bim” Thomas of Cleveland’s This Moment in Black History, The Bassholes, The Deathers, Puffy Aerolas, and probably a bunch of other bands only Ohio die-hards can reference and “The Get It Inn” is what Rock ‘N’ Roll sounds like when its done quick, dirty and right. For his first solo album, “Bim,” holed up with a four track in a loft with booze and smoke and simply blasted out jams with his buds for seven days. The result is classic Cleveland punk rock, a little bit of Detroit soul, and that kind of shit-canned sheen that for a brief blip made Columbus the world-wide capital of lo-fi noise. Don’t adjust your speakers. Do play it loud.

MP3: Obnox – The Get It Inn

I’m Bleeding now is available now through Smog Veil Records and can also be picked up locally at Music Saves and My Mind’s Eye.