Music videos these days just don’t get much better than the one for DJ Shadow’s latest single, “I Gotta Rokk.” Much like his music, which is decidedly sample-based, the video itself, is a collection of obscure footage recovered from god knows where. And my what footage we have collected here — Cheesy metal men doing stereotypically metal things, various things gets smashed, crashed, and trashed, a dude in a stormtrooper suit thrusting his midsection, horrible band promo shots from the ’70s and many, many more surprises after that. It’s such an effective video, one hardly notices that the song, “I Gotta Rokk,” rocks out the same beat and the same electric riff for 90% of its duration.

VIDEO: DJ Shadow – I Gotta Rokk (Metal Madness) via Wired

DJ Shadow’s I Gotta Rokk EP is out now Verve Forecast.  You can expect a new full length to drop some time this fall.