How topical of you, Stephen Malkmus?  While our political discourse is still being dominated by Weinergate, you release a new single whose standout line is ,”I know what the Senator wants/What the Senator wants is a blowjob.”  To be fair, it’s not like you’re the type to shamelessly capitalize on cultural phenomena (There isn’t an accompanying video of crotch-shots and men posing seductively with their pussy cats), and Weiner of Weinergate is a congressman and not a Senator, and there’s no evidence he got any blowjobs from anyone.  He just liked sending crotch shots via twitter and talking dirty over facebook.  Plus, let’s be frank here, all any Senator, congressman, governor, and mayor wants is a blowjob.  That and tv time, and power, and maybe a job with a lobbying firm after their blowjob becomes front page news.  You’re just stating the obvious, and you happen to be doing so in the style of late-era Pavement.  And can I add, I do enjoy this blast of jangled guitars and bleating words?  Make things a little tighter and you could, you know, make a killing selling this song to jilted wives of senators, congressman, governors, and mayors who got their blowjobs and got caught.  Lord knows there’s a lot of them.  That’s if you were the type to commercialize, of course.

MP3: Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks – Senator

The Beck-produced Mirror Traffic by Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks will be out August 23rd on Matador Records