After a raucous set by Dayton, Ohio’s Guided by Voices, the rustic, alt-country sounds of singer/songwriter Neko Case, provided the most pleasant come-down.  Her strong, brassy, and nuanced voice easily cut through the evening air as her backing band countoured to even the slightest fluctuations in her tone.  A cool breeze and a dream-like calm enveloped the grounds as Case went through songs like “This Tornado Loves You,” and “Hold On, Hold On.”  This was a moment to savor.  Saturday’s weather calls for heat and thunderstorms; Sunday, we’ll be in the nineties; And, there are singer/songwriters aplenty who can drain the life out of a festival with one note and the pluck of one guitar string.  This night, however, that easy breeze, and the poise and presence of Neko Case was as perfect as perfect can be.

All photos by Mara Robinson