While one much hyped about, much better connected, and much more controversial hip-hop, Odd Future was performing on the big stage, it was on the side stage where Seattle’s Shabazz Palaces treated the crowd to a cool, comfortable flow and intricate, inventive beats.  Prince Shabazz (Once known as Butterfly during his days in Diggable Planets) and his sideman were tight, not missing a cue on those tweaked out and processed sounds which wandered between drum ‘n’ bass, IDM, ambient electronics, and soul.  And unlike many live hip-hop acts, that sound was never sacrificed.  This show was not for the rap ego, but for the people.  The people certainly took notice when the duo broke down “An Echo…,” inserted a mindful suite of tribal beats and scattershot electronics and then, deftly brought the jam back.  These cats had experience and these cats knew how to please, and there were many head-bobbing, easy-grooving attendees who agreed.

All photos by Mara Robinson