Pure X’s “Easy” lazes in a dream-like haze of effects-laden guitar and maximum echo vocals, transforming what could easily be a slowly strummed folk song sung in sweet, airy falsetto into a wondrous swarm of sound. And, that’s the strength of this Austin band — They don’t need to hide their songs in a cloak of fuzz to be effective, but it sure makes things more interesting. It lends a sense of awe and mystery where there would ordinarily be a sense of, “Oh, that’s pretty, I’ll move on.” Later, when the noise does abate, wandering static, amplifier buzz, and a stray snare here and there are left in its place, all at a more comfortable volume and all working together to gently ease the listener down from an already cool, peaceful vibe.

MP3: Pure X – Easy

Pure X’s debut album is out now on Acephale Records.