Let’s take a trip back to May 2011, for it was during that month I reviewed The People’s Temple debut record for Hozac Records and noted, “(On ‘Axe Man’) The Peoples Temple, incorporate elements of early 21st century garage rockers like The Strokes or Franz Ferdinand into their mix. The bass line is positively danceable, as is the beat, and the guitars alternate between short, pointed bits and looser, dangling rhythms. It all culminates in a huge, memorable chorus that is both agitated and delightful to sing. Give this one a quick studio shine and it could dominate airwaves.” I stand by my assessment, even if others would argue the gritty mix suits the young Michigan band just fine. Either way, that top jam from their debut now has a video and a chance, no matter how slight, of being their first underground hit.

VIDEO: The People’s Temple – Axe Man