When Nick Lowe originally penned the track, “I Love my Label,” it was a showing of gratitude to Stiff Records, the small English label with a wicked sense of humor, that proved influential in launching the career’s Lowe, Ian Drury, Wreckless Eric and Elvis Costello amongst others. The song takes on a different, somewhat confusing meaning with Wilco covering this track, singing about their own label, dBPM Records. So, Jeff Tweedy basically loves himself and he loves Tweedy? Hmm…Maybe a less literal approach is in order. Let’s say Jeff Tweedy and Wilco love the freedom that comes with running their own label, and this is their expression of that freedom. Either way, it’s a classic track by Nick Lowe or Wilco.

VIDEO: Wilco – I Love My Label

“I Love My Label” can be found on the B-Side of the “I Might” single. Wilco’s new album, The Whole Love, is due out on September 27th. Pre-orders are now available.